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Are Allergies Holding Your Health Hostage?

Allergies are a hypersensitive immune system's reactions to normal antigens in the environment. Simply, allergic symptoms like runny nose, wheezing, hives, inflammation, stomach cramps, or itching are the body's reaction to something it does not like. Uncomfortable and, sometimes, life-threatening physical reactions can occur when an allergic person comes in contact with an allergen, whether it is inhaled, eaten, or touched. What healthy bodies perceive as non-threatening, the allergic person's body sees as toxic and poisonous.

Allergens may be airborne like ragweed pollen and mold. Substances in milk or eggs, or chemicals in fabrics, plants, or in some medicines may cause allergic reactions in those whose immune systems see these harmless substances as poison.

Normally, the immune system works to attack and destroy invading bacteria and viruses. With allergies, the hypersensitive immune system is trying to do its job protecting the body and destroying invaders, but somehow, the immune system has become overloaded.

Frequently, allergy sufferers avoid all situations where they might come in contact with allergens.

Since we know that allergies are associated with the body's eliminative system, why not check it for faulty function? The body eliminates waste products through the kidneys, bowels, skin, lungs and mucous membranes.

If the body fails to have bowel eliminations every day or the kidneys are weak and are unable to filter liquid body waste from the blood due to a reduced flow of nerve energy from the brain, then the skin or lungs or mucous membranes must pick up the slack by increasing their excretions.

When this overloading occurs, these eliminative organs can become inflamed and are easily irritated when they come in contact with irritants (allergens) on both the outside and inside of the body.

Because all body functions are controlled and coordinated by the nervous system any interference to the flow of nerve energy from the brain to the eliminative organs can contribute to "allergies".

Instead of treating allergy symptoms by taking medications for "temporary relief", chiropractic works to normalize the body's immune system with gentle spinal adjustments to restore the nerve energy flow to the eliminative organs. Real relief may only be a phone call away - call us now!


"After my car accident the first place I went was to Lake Stevens Chiropractic Clinic. The doctors and staff were very professional and helpful and now I am feeling great!"
Sarah Holmes - Granite Falls

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