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Here I Wheeze----Trying To Breathe!!

While antihistamine sprays may provide the asthmatic with "temporary relief." modern medical science has failed to provide any real lasting relief for the asthmatic sufferer.

Clinical studies by the chiropractic profession have provided sufficient information to clearly show that asthma is an eliminative disorder.

The body eliminates waste products through the lungs, skin, mucous membranes, kidneys and bowels. If one or more of these organs of elimination fail to eliminate their normal share of body waste, then the remaining organs must pick up the slack. Using the kidneys as an example, if they fail to get rid of their share of liquid waste, the body's intelligence may then attempt to get rid of it through the bowels resulting in diarrhea, through the skin by profuse sweating or through the lungs resulting in fluid build-up or mucous congestion.

The regulation of the body's elimination of waste products is under the control of the nervous system which is akin to a very complex electrical system. The control center is in the brain with nerve connections to the various organs of elimination via the spine and spinal nerves.

Any interference with the flow of nerve energy from the brain to the various organs of elimination can result in symptoms such as asthma. This is the reason that gentle chiropractic adjustments combined with proper rest, diet and exercise are so effective in helping the asthmatic to breathe normally again.

If you know of someone gasping and fighting to breathe with recurring attacks of asthma, please suggest that they give Chiropractic care a chance to help.


"After my car accident the first place I went was to Lake Stevens Chiropractic Clinic. The doctors and staff were very professional and helpful and now I am feeling great!"
Sarah Holmes - Granite Falls

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