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Oh God, Help Me Breathe!!

Asthma may best be described as a frantic struggle to breathe. If you've ever seen anyone desperately fighting for breath during an asthma attack, you know how serious and frightening it really is.

Few people realize that asthma, as a killer, outranks leukemia, polio, congenital and rheumatic heart disease. Some medical experts say that increased hospital records are indicating that asthma is becoming more severe and little is known about what causes death in asthma cases. Animal evidence suggests that certain combinations of asthma drugs might be harmful, and prescriptions for asthma drugs have risen astronomically.

The basic problem is that the tubes carrying air into and within the lungs are too sensitive to dust, pollen, pollutants or other substances and conditions. When the airways react, they constrict and their inner linings swell, narrowing the passageway for air. During such an attack the asthmatic struggles for breath.

Now, the other side of the story. 95% of our population DOES NOT HAVE ASTHMA! They are all in contact with the same air, pollution, stresses, foods, drinks and other contributing factors that seem to trigger breathing attacks for the asthmatic. Why?

The nervous system is directly involved in asthma. Drugs given to reduce the symptoms of asthma work through the nervous system. In almost every case of asthma, there is a spinal scoliosis (a curving or twisting of the spine). When the spine begins to curve or twist abnormally, it can produce a light pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerves.

This explains why asthmatics get such tremendous relief under chiropractic care. The spinal cord and its nerve branches are the lifeline between the brain and the lungs. If less than 100% of the nerve energy from the brain is reaching the lungs, the lungs may still function, but with considerable difficulty.

It is a relatively simply procedure to reduce the pressure on the nerves to the lungs, giving the asthmatic sufferer a breath of fresh air.

If someone you care for is suffering with this life threatening ailment, let them know that Chiropractic can be a "life-saver" for the asthmatic.

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"After my car accident the first place I went was to Lake Stevens Chiropractic Clinic. The doctors and staff were very professional and helpful and now I am feeling great!"
Sarah Holmes - Granite Falls

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