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That Tingling Feeling!!
It Could Be More Than Asleep!!

The foot is a remarkable mechanism and is as complex as any system in the body. Containing 26 bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, a complicated nerve supply; it isn't surprising that it is reported that 75% of Americans complain of foot problems each year.

Pain is a familiar symptom. What about a "Tingling Sensation" that doesn't hurt, but keeps recurring. We've heard people say: "Don't worry about it. Your foot's just asleep." That is a familiar sensation to us all. You cross your leg and then find that it has gone numb. The ensuing "pins and needles" sensation is referred to as "gone to sleep."

On occasion, tingling appears in our feet with no easy answer as to why. Barring a diabetic condition, this is often traced to nerve compression. Nerve compression is often caused by a vertebral misalignment or "subluxation." Until this is corrected, the condition will only continue and even worsen with time.

Solutions can be as simple as a gentle spinal adjustment from your Chiropractic professional. Chiropractors are dedicated to treating causes of problems, not symptoms. This commitment explains why in chiropractic, we know that problems exhibited in the foot are not always created in the foot. Spinal examination will determine exactly where the subluxation is to be found and where the gentle spinal adjustments are needed.

Along with spinal adjustments, your Chiropractor may suggest that a set of custom "orthotics" is warranted. Orthotics worn in the shoes provides needed support to the foot. Often, poor walking posture can result in not only foot problems but also back and leg problems and can be corrected with a combination of adjustments and orthotics.

There have been articles written about the hazards associated with women wearing "high heel shoes." Men, too, have a unique condition known as a "wallet-neuropathy" that results in "tingling feet and legs." This condition results from sitting on a hard surface for extended periods with a bulging wallet protruding from one side of the buttock area. This condition can be avoided by simply switching pockets and carrying the wallet on the opposite side. But occasionally, the condition will become chronic and the causative agent will turn out to once again be a misaligned vertebrae.

Let us help you to deal with the unknown. If you're experiencing "that tingling feeling," don't assume "it's just gone to sleep." A spinal examination could discover a misalignment that can be corrected in our office. Call us for an appointment or refer a friend who might be experiencing this problem.


"After my car accident the first place I went was to Lake Stevens Chiropractic Clinic. The doctors and staff were very professional and helpful and now I am feeling great!"
Sarah Holmes - Granite Falls

These tips can help you steer clear of pain & keep you feeling your best.