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Shoulder Pain Isn't Part of the Design

All kinds of people can be affected by shoulder pain.

Imagine a weight lifter without the ability to reach down and then push up. Consider the success of a golfer who couldn't complete his swing. What if your electrician couldn't reach up and away from his/her body to connect your wiring? And if you couldn't scratch that itch? All these movements come courtesy of the design of the shoulders.

To investigate the cause of shoulder pain, we should first understand the design and proper function of the shoulder. First of all, the shoulder is the most moveable joint in the body. Its design allows it to swing in a beautiful arc using incredible range of motion. The shoulder joint consists of the upper end of the humerus (arm) bone that finishes in a round shape the size of a billiard ball. This little ball fits into a cup shaped portion of bone on the shoulder, the size of a teaspoon. The shoulder joint is held in place by the surrounding muscles and ligaments. This area receives nerve supply through the upper thoracic (upper back) and lower cervical (neck and shoulder) spinal bones. Any interference to the nerve to the shoulder equals a malfunction or weakness in the area.

There are ergonomic issues in the work place that can contribute to shoulder pain. Sitting in one place too long or being required to hold one's arms out at an uncomfortable angle for extended periods of time may contribute. Poor training methods and inadequate stretching and warm up might contribute to some shoulder pain in some athletes. But, not all workers doing the same job experience shoulder pain and neither do all athletes in the same sport.

Chiropractors frequently treat patients who come into our clinic because of shoulder pain. Often what we conclude after examination of the area is that there is one or more misalignments of the spinal bones in the neck and/or upper back that is causing the problem. Without these bones having proper position and function, the body is unable to support the shoulder's movement. Motion is restricted. Function is decreased. Pain develops.

Shoulders were designed to allow you to do what you need to do. If you are suffering from shoulder pain or loss of range of motion in your shoulders, a chiropractic exam is something you need to have. Call our office today.