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Orthotics Lake Stevens

Foot problems can cause various compensations throughout the body. Fortunately, orthotics can often provide a solution. These devices offer crucial support and improve the way your feet work, leading to better overall function of your lower limbs.

man assembling a custom orthotic device

Custom Orthotics near me

At Lake Stevens Chiropractic, we conduct a thorough examination that includes assessing your spinal alignment, nervous system function, and any other possible sources of discomfort or symptoms. If we determine that your feet are contributing to your pain or spinal issues, we may suggest using high-quality orthotics to address the problem.

Orthotics and the Significance of Our Feet

Given that your feet endure the burden of bearing your bodyweight on a daily basis, their incredible durability and resilience is evident. They furnish your body with stabilization, facilitate locomotion, and maintain balance. Each foot performs these functions owing to their complex construction, comprised of 26 bones, 7 ligaments, 32 muscles, and 58 distinct joints. Additional fascinating facts about your feet include:

Your feet can sustain 1.5 times your body weight with each stride. When running, they carry thrice the weight. This results in millions of pounds of pressure within a single day.
Typically, an individual will traverse a distance of 115,000 miles in their lifetime on their feet.
Gravity interacts potently with your foot, playing a pivotal role in your ability to stand upright.

Improving Mechanics for Enhanced Function

Man applying orthotic to his shin area

Every foot is uniquely designed to pronate (unlock) to absorb shock upon contact with the ground, subsequently supinating (locking) to facilitate forward motion. Regrettably, many individuals possess flawed mechanics, resulting in an imbalance of these crucial functions.

The majority of individuals have flat arches, resulting in over-pronation. This inhibits the foot from achieving sufficient rigidity for proper forward propulsion, leading to diminished force and a foot incapable of generating adequate power. Conversely, a minority have excessively high arches, known as over-supination, resulting in augmented pressure on specific foot regions. Foot malfunctions can cause numerous problems including:

Knee joint wear and tear: Overpronation results in wear and tear of the medial knee joint, potentially leading to arthritis of the joint.
Foot complications: Flat feet can lead to issues such as corns, plantar fasciitis, neuromas, calluses, and bunions.
Lower back and hip complications: Given the interconnected nature of your body, foot rotation results in leg rotation, which can lead to issues in the hips and lower back.

At Lake Stevens Chiropractic, we frequently encounter individuals with pelvic and lower back issues caused by foot malfunctions. Alongside adjusting the affected areas to maintain correct alignment, we also advocate orthotics for those in need.

Pediatric Orthotics near me

Pediatric orthotics are highly beneficial for children’s development. By detecting and implementing orthotics at an early stage, we can help prevent long-term complications and ensure proper growth and alignment. At Lake Stevens Chiropractic, we specialize in providing comprehensive care for children, including assessing their orthotic needs and creating customized solutions tailored to their unique requirements. Our goal is to support optimal development and help children lead healthy, active lives.

The Advantages of Orthotics
Orthotics can prove highly advantageous for individuals with irregular foot mechanics. These custom-made supports are designed to alter the mechanical function of each individual’s foot. These orthotics are inserted into the wearer’s footwear to constantly influence changes during movement, such as running or walking, as well as when stationary.
The benefits of orthotics include:

Restored joint function
Regulated arch flattening
Reversed malformation progression
Enhanced foot function
Surgery prevention

One remarkable benefit that our clients frequently remark upon after beginning orthotic use is an overall improvement in their chiropractic treatment including a reduction in back. In fact, numerous professional athletes have recognized the significance of orthotics, employing them to augment their power, equilibrium, and performance in their respective sports.

Individuals with diabetes also appreciate the benefits of orthotics for common foot complications. When feet fail to function mechanically as they should, pressure on particular areas can lead to the development of hazardous ulcers. Supportive orthotics assist in distributing the pressure, thereby mitigating and relieving these ulcerations.

Find Out if Orthotics Are Right for You

If you suspect you could be struggling with issues related to your feet and that these might be helped with orthotics, we encourage you to schedule an evaluation at our office. Send us a message or dial [phone number] to organize your appointment.

What is Disc Pain

demonstration of disc pain in neck

Your discs are like spacers in your spine, absorbing shocks. Think about a car with bad shocks – it’s uncomfortable on bumpy roads. Similarly, when your discs aren’t functioning well, your spine can feel like a crash. Different types of damage can happen to discs.

What causes Disc Pain

A Herniation or slipped disc is when a spinal disc protrudes causing pain

slipped disc

Degeneration is when a disc deteriorates and dies. This can lead to pain in the damaged area, and pain shooting down arms, legs, or into feet. Disc injuries can also cause numbness or tingling.

Treatment for Spinal Disc Pain

Do you have disc problems? You have two options: chiropractic or surgery. Consider chiropractic before opting for invasive surgery.

Chiropractic Care for Spinal Disc Pain

Spinal Disc Natural Option for pain relief which is safe. There is no use of drugs. No surgery, no scarring. Try safe and quick treatment. Pain is your body’s signal that something’s wrong. Don’t just mask it with painkillers.

We use safe and gentle techniques for better health and a better life.

We can help if you’re short on time

We get it, life is busy. But taking an hour for yourself with treatment now can prevent worsening conditions. Your well-being matters to your loved ones too.

Worried About Cost?

Don’t let cost stop you from exploring chiropractic. Put yourself first and discover the options. Try the introductory offer to see if chiropractic care is right for you. Chiropractors are non-invasive and conservative.

Lake Stevens Chiropractic: the Right Place for Disc Pain

Don’t let disc pain linger. Chiropractic care can offer relief without resorting to drugs or surgery. 

Don’t become a surgery statistic – seek chiropractic care.

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